4 Tips for Networking

Always have more than a business card on you. You never know when you’ll have the ability to sell yourself more effectively with a brochure.

Network with your favorite charity to raise awareness and money for them.

Get involved in your community to meet the movers and shakers.

Network with other business who are after the same customer profile you are targeting.

Treat Your Clients

“Thanks” seems really insufficient when you are trying to show your best clients how much their business means to you. Here are some great ideas to build brand loyalty with your best clients!

  • Pay Attention to anniversaries and birthdays consider sending a handwritten not of congratulations and warm wishes
  • Send out a small thank you gift to a customer who recent made a large purchase. A small brag book that fits in a purse is wonderful as they are likely to show it around.
  • Host an open house everyone loves a party plus it generates awareness and interest.

Bonuses and Promotions

Increase resonse in your promotion by including a bonus with a deadline. For example “Save an additional $50 off you session fee when you book before Thursday, November 20th.”

Also give bonuses instead of discounts. It prevents erosion of profits.

Web and SEO Maintanence

Update your website regularly to keep it fresh and interesting to repeat customers and boost your SEO.

  • Blogging regularly and reliably.
  • Posting Videos to increase viewing duration.
  • Create compelling and relevant content that your viewers will actually read.

Show and Sell

You sell what you show. Furniture stores have living room areas set up, complete with accessories, to get you inspired. Make sure you have a wall grouping to give them ideas and inspire them to purchase one of your larger packages. Show people how lovely your images incorporate with their decor.

Marketing Excercise

Try this exercise to help identify your target clients and other businesses to network with. Also get a greater understanding on what your clients want and value.

Create an imaginary client. She is one of your favorites and always spends a decent amount on her portraits. Firstly give her a name and think about what she looks like. Answer the following questions:

  1. Where does she shop?
  2. What are her hobbies?
  3. What doctor/dentist does she see?
  4. Where does she volunteer at?
  5. What kind of photos does she value?
  6. What does her house look like?
  7. What would she carry around in her purse?
  8. What would she like to put on her desk?

Be Unique

When customers can’t see or understand the difference in your business from your competition, they shop by price alone. Believe me, you don’t want price shopping customers.

  • Identify at least 3 ways you are different from the competition in your area. Use that in your advertising content as well as your conversations on the phone.
  • Set yourself apart even more by offering unique products and services that your competition doesn’t.
  • Have 3 unique super products you offer, in addition to your regular price list, tailored to each of your product lines that you show your clients.

Maximize Your Promotional Copy

When it comes to writing copy, most people freeze up because they are not born copywriters. As photographers, our words come through a visual media instead. So where do you start?  Let’s take a look at the key elements for successful back copy and break them down.


Attention-getting Headline
Everything starts with a great headline. You need to grab your potential customer’s attention. Look at magazines at the checkout counter in the grocery store. Have you ever noticed what they use to get your attention? Look on the internet at Yahoo News for another good example of attention-getting headlines. Just make sure your headline is relevant to the over-all content!


Be specific with this. Tell people what they are buying and what their investment will be. Sell only one thing at a time since too many choices can confuse the customer.


Show the Value
How much are they saving? If it’s an extreme savings, you may want to avoid listing the amount since it can have a reverse effect. People may see the discount on the offer and think that it’s too good to be true or that they won’t be able to afford your regular prices.


Quick Description
You don’t have to say too much in the body of the description. A brief paragraph or bullet points that describe the session or services is all you need. If possible, add information about what makes your studio unique. Just be sure to keep it brief.


Use Your Website to Say More
Add the extra copy you wanted to include on your printed piece to your website. You can go into greater detail and use it to support your message.


Phone Number
You want people to pick up the phone and call and that’s exactly what your material should inspire them to do. Make your number easy to see and read.


Create a sense of urgency by setting a deadline for 30 days after the offer is sent out. Your  ustomers will want to call right away to take advantage of the special offer.


You can create additional incentive to schedule early by offering a special bonus. For example, “10 Holiday Cards free with the purchase of 20 cards when you call by October 20th” or “Be one of the first 5 people to book your appointment and receive 10 free Holiday Cards with your order of 20 cards”. Always tie the bonus with a purchase, don’t just give it away for free.

Psychology of Pricing

Try these tips next time you are reviewing your price list to make your packages look more affordable and appealing.

  • Make sure your pricing ends in 9’s rather than a 5 or a zero to make it look more affordable
    i.e. $599 vs. $600
  • Leave off the .00 off of your pricing
    i.e. $399 looks less expensive then $400.00
  • When emphasizing savings, use .00 afterwards
    i.e. Save $50.00 when you book before November

Try a Referral Card

Referrals are the most cost effective means of advertising. Have an outstanding support piece for that! We would recommend a business card size hand out. It keeps it cost effective and easy for your clients to carry and disperse to their friends and family.