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Your MAP membership is unique to you. This is a highly customized program built around your goals, your budget and your personality. It’s why we take on an extremely limited number of new members a year.

You’ll have your own Facilitator who becomes your personal coach to assist you with the more complex issues of marketing, sales and pricing. Through a series of monthly calls you’ll have piece of mind knowing your good intentions translate into effective actions.

You’re not limited to a monthly call either. Your Facilitator is available to call and find solutions on any topic. Besides your Facilitator, you also have the entire team of Marathon behind you as well as other MAP members. No more reinventing the wheel. No more wasted money with trial and error marketing. When you stop thinking about your marketing, we don’t!

And, in terms of printed material, your program begins with 1,000 MAP points. As a MAP member, using your points on a product or service represents a discount anywhere from 4% – 20% off our regular catalog prices. You may order all the products right away or as you need them, but your payments of $249 a month are spread out over 24 months. Every dollar you spend can go towards product, including Photo Prints, Bella Art Prints, Bella Art Albums as well as services from our professional design team who understand how to brand all your marketing pieces effectively!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't use all of my MAP points in 24 Months?

You never lose them. MAP is like a marketing savings account. Points will either be converted to a dollar amount for you to use at a later date or roll over when you renew the program for another 24 months.

What if I use more than my 1,000 points and need more?

You can purchase more points and the savings are even greater!Additional points are available in groups of 50 for only $4 per point.

How do I continue the program after 24 months?

You may simply sign up again and receive 1,000 points. PLUS, you will receive an additional 200 bonus points free; AND you are not required to pay a renewal or sign up fee.

How do I track my MAP points?

Your MAP Facilitator will always keep you informed of points being used and your balance.

Is there a fee for contacting my Facilitator?

No, you never have a fee or time restrictions for consulting with your Facilitator.

How long is a typical scheduled MAP call with my Facilitator?

We try and stay around 30 minutes to keep action items more manageable. We find it better to talk more frequently than make a long list of action items in a longer call.

Can I use my MAP points towards my Photo Printing Services?

Absolutely! From wallets to wall portraits, you can use your MAP points.

How will my Facilitator keep me on track?

Your Facilitator assures that your good intentions translate into action and that your strategies remain relevant in today’s rapidly evolving market place.

Can I use MAP points for mailing lists or postage?

While you can’t use your points for individual mailing lists or postage, they are included as part of our Senior and Family Programs!

Can I order a lot of products all at once?

Yes. The program allows you to get what you need now so you have the tools to succeed immediately, yet maintain a manageable payment over time!

Can my MAP Facilitator help me with my promotion content and back copy and give me some guidance on sales and my price list?


Meet the Team

Mark Weber
Director of MAP

Tina Jochum
MAP Consultant

Jennifer Weinrich
MAP Consultant

Stephanie Koeppe
MAP Consultant